why i love to do what i do

I love helping people hone in their craft, identify why they do what the do, and build platforms that maximizes their ability to serve the world through their passion. Over the last 8 years, I've had the opportunity to design for dozens of organizations, expanding their reach and enhancing their unique efforts. I do what I do because I love to help others transport their vision to ultimate impact through not only beautiful but effective website design. 

Hey, it's Abby Grace 

I lean into people's passions so that I can build websites that reflect their expertise and captivate their audience.

core values

innovative problem solving

excellence built on integrity 

genuine connection 

my background

my heart and experience

Hey there, I'm Abby Grace, but my friends call me AG. I am an artist (since I could pick up a pencil), graphic designer (by degree), and entrepreneur (through freelancing). The enneagram 1 in me is constantly surveying my surroundings and analyzing situations through a creative lens, fueled by a deep desire to unlock and catapult any potential I can find in the world. 

What started as a gift in art and a knack for administration has developed into assisting and supporting others in their creative journeys. Everyone has an innate passion that they’re wired to share with the world because it points to something greater than themselves. It’s one of my greatest joys to help platform these passions and equip others to serve the world.

I graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a BA in Communications in Graphic Design. Since graduating, I have designed for dozens of businesses and nonprofits. My experience includes not only building brands and websites, but also environmental signage/branding, book/cover design, interior design, as well as custom illustrations and art. My professional experience also includes several years of event and programmatic planning, team management and training, and content strategy and implementation for organizations.  

When not creating or strategizing, you’ll find me hanging out with my favorite people: my husband Chris, and our three kiddos, Cash, Adler Jane, and Callen. 

"Extremely creative and responsive, she takes the time to truly understand your business and your needs and then builds accordingly."